Barton Brands

Barton Brands, (Bardstown, KY)

In 1944, Barton Brands, Ltd. acquired the Tom Moore Distillery which dates back to 1879. Tom Moore, a Kentuckian whose product earned him a reputation as one of the finest bourbon distillers in the country, founded the distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, where it operates on the same site today. Among the many fine bourbons distilled at the Barton distillery are Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, Very Old Barton Bourbon Whiskey, Ten High, Kentucky Tavern and, of course, Tom Moore Bourbon Whiskey.

A new, state of the art Barton Brands Visitors' Center is currently in the design stage, and construction will begin shortly. Located at the distillery, the Visitors' Center is scheduled for completion by 2009, when visitors from the general public will be welcome. We will have more information available on its progress and the expected opening date in the near future. Go to www.BartonBrands.com for periodic Visitors' Center progress reports.

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