Pennsylvania Governor Signs Bill Expanding Sunday Liquor Sales -- Measure Underscores Success of Sunday Liquor Sales Trial Program

December 8, 2004 07:00 PM
HARRISBURG, Pa. – Gov. Ed Rendell signed a bill last night increasing the number of state liquor stores opened on Sunday, a move the Distilled Spirits Council applauded stating, “the Sunday liquor sales pilot program has proven to be a huge success both for consumers and state coffers. Now more Pennsylvanians can enjoy the added convenience of Sunday shopping at close to 100 more stores across the state.” The state first began allowing Sunday liquor sales in February 2003 but limited to 10 percent (64 out of 640) the number of stores that the Liquor Control Board could open on Sundays. The legislation expands the number of stores allowed to open to approximately 160. “The state has experienced a dramatic increase in sales revenues in the stores that have opened on Sundays,” said Peter Cressy, President of the Distilled Spirits Council, the organization that lobbied aggressively for the change. “Consumers are responding positively to this change and appreciate having the option to buy spirits products on Sunday when it is convenient for them.” According to a recent George Mason University economic study, in the 12-month period following the implementation of Sunday sales, Pennsylvania stores opening on Sundays saw sales revenues rocket by 19.2 percent, almost three times the revenue growth in the six-day stores, which grew by only 6.6 percent. “The Sunday sales success was additional business and not from sales that would normally be conducted on other days of the week,” said study author Dr. Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University. Since Pennsylvania rolled back its Prohibition-era Blue Law, eight other states have followed suit, bringing to 32 the total number of states allowing Sunday sales. More states are considering the measure to modernize the marketplace, increase consumer convenience and generate additional state revenue. HB 2105 passed both houses of the legislature on Nov. 20. CONTACT: Frank Coleman or Lisa Hawkins Telephone: 202-682-8840 SCROLLER Publication Name: Publication Author:


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