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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Understanding Moderation

Part of responsible drinking is understanding that a standard drink of beer, distilled spirits and wine each contains the same amount of alcohol. It's not what you drink, it's how much that counts.

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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Committed to Responsibility

For more than 75 years, the spirits industry has adhered to a rigorous set of standards for beverage alcohol advertising and marketing. Click here to learn more about the Code.

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June 29, 2004 08:00 PM
WASHINGTON, DC – Starting on the July 4th holiday, for the first time since prohibition, 50 state-run liquor stores in Northern Virginia, Norfolk and Virginia Beach will be open on Sunday, 1 - 6 p.m., the Distilled Spirits Council said. (List of 50 stores below) “Virginia joins a growing number of states modernizing their marketplaces by rolling back Blue Laws like Sunday spirits sales bans,” said Distilled Spirits Council President Peter Cressy, whose organization lobbied aggressively in support of the change. “For years, Virginia consumers have been able to purchase beer and wine on Sunday, while the sale of spirits in its state-run system remained prohibited. Consumers and tourists will no longer be inconvenienced by this Prohibition-era Blue Law,” he added. The new law was approved in late April by Governor Warner and the Virginia legislature. Under the law, the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Board will permit Sunday spirits sales in 50 state-run stores in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia. According to an economic analysis by Dr. Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University, the move is estimated to generate between $4 to $7 million dollars in new tax revenue and profits for the Commonwealth. “Making Virginia’s marketplace more convenient for consumers will generate much-needed revenue for Virginia,” said Boudreaux. “Based on the successful results in other recent Sunday sales states, I’m confident Sunday sales will have the same positive fiscal impact in Virginia.” In the last two and a half years, 10 states have rolled back their Blue Laws including Rhode Island (which also goes into effect this July 4), Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio and Oregon. This brings the total number of states that permit Sunday sales to 31. Northern VA ABC Stores open on Sunday 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. Store 80 Alexandria – Plaza At Landmark Shopping Center 6206 Little River Turnpike 703-813-1527 Store 81 Alexandria – Shoppers Penn Daw Plaza Shopping Center 6230-J North Kings Highway 703-718-2350 Store 119 Alexandria – 901 N. St. Asaph Street 703-549-0700 Store 120 Alexandria – Kingstowne Shopping Center 5926 Kingstowne Center 703-921-5111 Store 203 Alexandria – Bradlee Shopping Center 3678 King Street 703-845-6374 Store 228 Alexandria – Belle View Shopping Center 1524 Belle View Blvd. 703-765-9303 Store 235 Alexandria – Engleside Plaza Shopping Center 8628-B Richmond Highway 703-360-4396 Store 372 Alexandria – Alexandria Commons Shopping Center 3161 Duke Street 703-823-4111 Store 236 Annandale – 7200 Little River Tnpk. 703-813-1357 Store 168 Arlington – 1001 N. Fillmore Street 703-875-0135 Store 248 Arlington – 4709-B Lee Highway 703-875-0129 Store 374 Arlington – Shirley Park Shopping Center 2955-A South Glebe Road 703-518-2412 Store 208 Ashburn – Ashburn Village Shopping Center 44110 Ashburn Village Blvd 703-723-0428 Store 294 Baileys Cross Roads – Crossroads Place Shopping Center 3556-E S. Jefferson St. 703-845-6373 Store 371 Burke – Burke Centre Shopping Center 5739 Burke Centre Parkway 703-323-2455 Store 224 Chantilly – Sully Plaza Shopping Center (Fairfax) Rt. 50, 13944 Lee Jackson Hwy. 703-803-0078 Store 322 Centreville – Centerwood Plaza Shopping Center 14151 St. Germain Dr. 703-803-0081 Store 264 Dumfries – 16661 River Ridge Blvd 703-221-3595 Store 353 Dale City – Cheshire Station Shopping Center 4255 Cheshire Plaza 703-670-3231 Store 317 Fairfax – Turnpike Shopping Center 9512 Main Street 703-323-2417 Store 76 Falls Church – Falls Plaza 1212 W. Broad St. 703-536-1624 Store 260 Falls Church – Willston Centre One 6198-C Arlington Boulevard 703-536-2721 Store 346 Falls Church – Meerifield Plaza Shopping Center 8105 Lee Hwy. 703-207-7399 Store 286 Gainsville – Gateway Center 7555 Linton Hall Road 703-753-0713 Store 84 Greenbriar Town Center 13035 Lee Jackson Highway 703-803-0044 Store 170 Herndon – Elden St. Market Place Shopping Center 1238 Elden St. 703-733-2845 Store 166 Leesburg – Fort Evan Plaza 210 Fort Evans Road, Northeast 703-771-2543 Store 295 Manassas – Westgate Plaza Shopping Center 8095 Sudley Road 703-361-2849 Store 267 McLean – McLean Shopping Center 1446 Chain Bridge Road 703-356-6066 Store 85 Oakton – Oakton Shopping Center 2928 Chain Bridge Road 703-242-2627 Store 323 Purcellville – Blue Ridge Station Shopping Center 609–O E. Main St. 540-338-6160 Store 357 Reston – North Point Village Shopping Center 1454 North Point Village Shp. Center 703-437-6433 Store 109 Rosslyn – Colonial Village Shopping Center 1731 Wilson Blvd. 703-875-0119 Store 82 Sterling – The Shops At Cedar Lake 46930 Cedar Lakes Plaza 703-404-7396 Store 268 Springfield – Springfield Plaza Shopping Center 703-866-7835 Store 301 Woodbridge – The Glen Shopping Center 4220 Merchants Plaza 703-680-0232 Virginia Beach & Norfolk ABC Stores open on Sunday Store 107 Norfolk – Downtown Plaza Shopping Center 434 St. Paul’s Blvd. 757-683-8578 Store 128 Norfolk – Ocean View Shopping Center 159 West Ocean View Dr. 757-531-2115 Store 134 Norfolk – Colley Village Shopping Center 2301 #M Colley Avenue 757-683-8325 Store 226 Norfolk – Southern Shopping Center 7525 Tidewater Drive 757-531-2008 Store 263 Norfolk – Janaf Shopping Center 5900 Virginia Beach Blvd. 757-455-3832 Store 71 Virginia Beach – Ocean Cove Shops 213 Virginia Beach Blvd. 757-491-3743 Store 129 Virginia Beach – Farm Fresh Shopping Center 1615 General Booth Blvd. 757-426-5137 Store 204 Virginia Beach – Heritage Bldg. Shopping Center 2420 Atlantic Ave. 757-491-5427 Store 225 Virginia Beach – 405 30th Street 757-491-5198 Store 256 Virginia Beach – Hilltop North Shopping Center 1612 Laskin Road 757-491-5137 Store 278 Virginia Beach – Princess Ann Plaza 3333 Virginia Beach Blvd. 757-631-4019 Store 306 Virginia Beach – Lynnhaven Square Shopping Center 2085 Lynnhaven Parkway 757-471-2912 Store 307 Virginia Beach – Fairfield Shoppng Center 757-495-0897 Store 336 Virginia Beach – Haygood Shopping Center 1079 Independence Blvd. 757-363-3866 CONTACT: Frank Coleman or Lisa Hawkins Telephone: 202-682-8840 SCROLLER Publication Name: Publication Author:


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