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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Understanding Moderation

Part of responsible drinking is understanding that a standard drink of beer, distilled spirits and wine each contains the same amount of alcohol. It's not what you drink, it's how much that counts.

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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Committed to Responsibility

For more than 75 years, the spirits industry has adhered to a rigorous set of standards for beverage alcohol advertising and marketing. Click here to learn more about the Code.

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May 14, 2002 08:00 PM
Washington, D.C.—The Distilled Spirits Council today announced a new global media program of visits to member company distilleries designed to explore the heritage and character of the many categories of liquor from around the world. The program, “Spirits Around the Globe,” which launches May 21st with a two-day trip to four historic Kentucky Bourbon distilleries, will place particular emphasis on the many notable facilities which are open to the public, and are part of the cultural fabric of their individual regions. Later trips will explore the Rums of the Caribbean, the Cognacs of France and the great Single Malts of Scotland. “It is our intention to showcase for reporters from around the globe the important role these distilleries and their products have played in the history and traditions that flavor their regions,” said DSC President and CEO Peter Cressy. “After viewing these wonderfully historic facilities and tasting their finely crafted spirits, we hope the participants will share new insights with a wider audience, encouraging adults to visit and sample these premium products,” he added. Bringing writers from a variety of disciplines—from wine, travel and food publications to more mainstream lifestyle media—to visit distilleries and their surrounding regions, the Council believes it will further enhance the cultural acceptance of distilled spirits as part of a normal, healthy adult lifestyle. “The cocktail is back in America,” Cressy pointed out. “We have worked hard to get that message out. Through this program we are expanding our outreach effort and placing it into a cultural and historic context.” During the Kentucky trip participants will visit Jim Beam in Clermont; Maker’s Mark in Loretto; Labrot & Graham in Versailles; and Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg. Each stop will feature special events featuring meals, tastings and tours highlighting the unique character of each distillery and its products. Working with the Kentucky Department of Travel, the media tour will include a stay at the historic Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, which is hosting a Bourbon-inspired fine dining experience at the elegant Oak Room restaurant. No trip to Kentucky would be complete without a celebration of its equestrian heritage, so the group will visit Churchill Downs for a special tour of the “backside,” where they will breakfast with the jockeys and trainers. Other stops include historic Bardstown for a stay at its quaint B&Bs, a visit to the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History and a briefing on the famous annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Distilled Spirits Council to spotlight these unique Kentucky destinations, sharing Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage with a group of important journalists,” said Kentucky Department of Travel Commissioner Bob Stewart. For more information on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail media tour or other “Spirits Around the Globe” programs, contact the Distilled Spirits Council office of public affairs and communication (202) 682-8840 or visit the web site at ##### CONTACT: Frank Coleman or Beth Davies Telephone: (202) 682-8840 SCROLLER Publication Name: Publication Author:


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