Distilled Spirits Council CEO Shares Responsibility Message with Fraternity Leadership Group

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Distilled Spirits Council President & CEO Kraig R. Naasz served as keynote speaker for the annual Lambda Chi Alpha Stead Leadership Seminar, which was held at the University of Maryland, College Park.

During remarks to 350 fraternity members gathered from colleges across the country, Naasz called upon chapter leaders to adhere to the strict code of self-accountability outlined in the organization’s charter and help implement what they learned during the seminar when returning to campus. 

“We all have an important role to play in working to reduce alcohol abuse on college campuses,” said Distilled Spirits Council President & CEO Kraig R. Naasz. “While there has been a positive downward trend, we want to ensure it continues. As participants at the Lambda Chi Alpha Stead Leadership Seminar, and as campus leaders, I encourage each of you to lead by example and fully embrace responsibility.”

According to Monitoring the Future, a leading government funded survey on alcohol consumption trends, binge drinking among college students is at all-time lows and the percent of college students who report being drunk in the past month is at a 20 year low.

The annual Lambda Chi Alpha Stead Leadership Seminar was held August 3-6, 2017. The three-day program offered workshops, presentations and other educational sessions covering the full range of chapter programming and personal leadership development.



The Distilled Spirits Councilis the national trade association representing producers and marketers of distilled spirits sold in the United States.



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