CUTTING EDGE HOSPITALITY (MIXOLOGY) AT 35,000 FEET -- Airline Takes the Cocktail Craze Airborne

July 5, 2004 08:00 PM
Washington, DC – Virgin Atlantic launches yet another trend – In Flight Mixology – taking hospitality to new heights, the Distilled Spirits Council said today, applauding the airline’s new program to put a mixologist on board the Upper Class lounge. “Virgin Atlantic has taken the cocktail craze to a 35,000 foot level,” said Distilled Spirits Council Director of Public Relations Shawn Starbuck Kelley. “Once again they have taken the lead in cutting edge hospitality.” This program for Upper Class passengers demonstrates that the cocktail phenomenon has reached far beyond restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Kelley pointed out. For more information, contact Christopher Rossi, Virgin Atlantic at 203-750-2570. CONTACT: Shawn Starbuck Kelley or Monica Flowers Bell Telephone: 718-638-4345 or 202-682-8842 SCROLLER Publication Name: Publication Author:


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