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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Committed to Responsibility

For more than 75 years, the spirits industry has adhered to a rigorous set of standards for beverage alcohol advertising and marketing. Click here to learn more about the Code.

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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Understanding Moderation

Part of responsible drinking is understanding that a standard drink of beer, distilled spirits and wine each contains the same amount of alcohol. It's not what you drink, it's how much that counts.

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President's Message



President's Bio

Welcome to the Distilled Spirits Council website. Here you will find everything from beverage alcohol public policy fact sheets, to historical information on George Washington's Distillery, to our longstanding responsibility efforts, to the latest cocktail recipes and trends.

We are the national trade association for America's leading distillers and represent nearly 70% of all distilled spirits brands sold in this country. Over the years, the Council has served as the distillers' voice on policy and legislative issues in our nation's capital, state capitals and foreign capitals worldwide.

Our team of economists, scientists, lobbyists and public affairs professionals works to support laws that increase adult market access for spirits products, provide greater convenience and choices for our adult consumers and encourage responsible consumption. We protect the hospitality industry from higher taxes and work diligently to reduce tariffs and trade barriers across the globe.

Our strong commitment to responsibility is the foundation of everything we do as an organization and as an industry. The spirits industry has initiated and supported responsibility programs throughout the decades to encourage adults who choose to drink to do so responsibly and to fight all forms of alcohol abuse including drunk driving and underage drinking. The Council sponsors the "The American Campus and Alcohol Conference," a series of national and regional college conferences attended by 125 colleges and has developed and distributed an Educational Tool Kit on Beverage Alcohol Consumption to more than 3,000 health professionals.

Additionally, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, a national not-for-profit organization funded by America's leading distillers and dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking, has developed award-winning programs being used by parents, teachers, colleges, communities and law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Distilled Spirits Council is also the keeper of the spirits industry's Code Of Responsible Practices For Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing, a set of voluntary guidelines that our industry has adhered to for more than 75 years. Throughout its long history, the core principle of the Code has been and remains to market our products to adults in a responsible and appropriate manner.

Unique among the beverage alcohol industry, the Code provides for a Code Review Board that is charged with reviewing complaints about advertising and marketing materials in the marketplace. One of many enhancements to our Code is the issuance of public Semi-Annual Code Reports which help make the spirits industry's self-regulatory process more visible, transparent and understandable to the public.

The Council has also undertaken a special effort to preserve the rich cultural history of the distilled spirits industry. Since 2000, Council member companies and wholesalers have been the major donors to Historic Mount Vernon for the $2.1 million reconstruction of George Washington's Distillery, the largest whiskey distilling operation in early America.

The distillery project, currently open to the public, includes a new distilling museum which is the Gateway to the American Whiskey Trail, a Council-sponsored cultural heritage and tourism initiative featuring historic sites and museums in five states that showcase whiskey and distilling.

On behalf of the Distilled Spirits Council and its member companies, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our proud heritage, our key issues and our fine products.

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