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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Understanding Moderation

Part of responsible drinking is understanding that a standard drink of beer, distilled spirits and wine each contains the same amount of alcohol. It's not what you drink, it's how much that counts.

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There's no beverage of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

Committed to Responsibility

For more than 75 years, the spirits industry has adhered to a rigorous set of standards for beverage alcohol advertising and marketing. Click here to learn more about the Code.

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Distilled Dispatch March 8, 2017


March 8, 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 3
Kraig Naasz

President’s Perspective: Another First

It is with great pleasure that we unveil the inaugural edition of the Distilled Spirits Council's annual report as part of our ongoing rebranding and modernization effort.

The report captures how the continued growth in membership at the Council has contributed to our many successes on the local, state, federal and international levels. It also showcases how our sector’s leadership and collaboration with critical partners has expanded interest in spirits and cocktail culture in the United States and around the globe.

The report is being distributed to governors, state attorneys general, members of Congress, key administration officials and the executive leaders of other major trade associations here in Washington, D.C. Our state government affairs team will also be using the annual report as leave-behinds during their state legislative visits.

Please feel free to share this report with colleagues in your company. We take great pride in what we’ve accomplished over the past year and welcome the opportunity to have our inaugural report shared with the widest possible audience.

By building on last year’s work and continuing to collaborate with lawmakers, regulators and sector partners, we will continue to promote meaningful growth for the spirits sector this year and well into the future.


Minnesota Ends Ban on Sunday Alcohol Sales

Following years of work by the Distilled Spirits Council and our coalition partners, Minnesota lawmakers recently passed legislation that Governor Mark Dayton signed into law on Tuesday, ending the ban on Sunday alcohol sales. The first Sunday on which sales can occur is July 2, 2017, just in time for the Independence Day holiday. 
For more information, please contact Council Regional Vice President Dale Szyndrowski at (214) 914-8865 or

Council Hosts Media Reception with National Governors Association

The Distilled Spirits Council recently hosted the kick-off event for the National Governors Association Winter Meeting. More than 100 reporters sampled signature cocktails and American spirits at our tasting table at the National Press Club. Ten Governors attended the reception, including NGA Chair Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) and Co-Chair Brian Sandoval (R-NV). 

For more information, please contact Council Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Frank Coleman at (202) 682-8840 or

Council Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Frank Coleman discusses the Colorado grocery sales win with Governor John Hickenlooper.

Scientific Journal Publishes Presentation by Council’s Chief Scientist

The Experimental and Molecular Pathology journal recently published a presentation by Dr. Sam Zakhari, the Council's chief scientist, detailing flaws in a British Medical Journal study, which suggested moderate drinking does not confer potential health benefits.

The presentation, which Zakhari gave last June at the Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, identified multiple flaws in the methodology used in the BMJ study and highlighted the fact that “for over 30 years, countless epidemiological and molecular studies have pointed at potential benefits of moderate drinking, including reduction in risk of coronary artery disease and all-cause mortality, among others.”

For more information, please contact Council Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs Sam Zakhari at (202) 682-8837 or


Distilled Spirits Council Annual Economic Briefing Generates Widespread Coverage

The Council’s Annual Economic Briefing, sponsored by The Spirited Funds/WSKY ETF, was recently held in New York City for members of the media and Wall Street analysts.

The Council highlighted the continued growth and increased market share achieved by the distilled spirits sector and generated widespread coverage in publications such as Bloomberg, Associated Press, Washington Post, LA Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Fortune, Louisville Business Journal, The Street and others.

For more information, please contact Council Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Frank Coleman at (202) 682-8840 or

Council President & CEO Kraig R. Naasz addresses media and Wall Street analysts at the Council’s Annual Economic Briefing.

March 8-9
The Shanken 41st Annual Impact Marketing Seminar
New York, N.Y.
March 13-15
Third Annual Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium
Napa Valley, Calif.

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